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Why would you book me as a Personal Trainer?

  • You have been going to the gym for a while but you see no longer results and you are losing your motivation.

  • You prefer working out from home or at your office as you want to save time.

  • You don’t like to go to the gym and you want more discretion.

With Coach Claire, Personal Trainer in Stockholm,

you'll reach your goal faster.

What's Personal Fitness Training?

*manual resistance: push/pull resistance exercise by the coach with the help of a towel or an elastic band.

**assisted stretching (passive stretching): the coach will intensify the stretch by putting extra pressure on your body.

Personal Fitness Training is the most effective way of coaching as we are talking about individual coaching.


Your strengths and weaknesses will be identified to make sure that you get the most adapted training sessions and reach your goal faster.


One of the advantages of Personal Training is that the exercises/movements are adapted to your goal, demonstrated and instantly corrected if not well executed. The Personal Trainer takes also an active part in the session through manual resistance* exercises and assisted stretching.** 

Coach Claire Fitness Personal trainer Training
Coach Claire Fitness Personal trainer Training Client

What can you expect from me as a Personal Fitness Trainer?

My mission is to help you make the changes to more well-being in your life. As a Personal Fitness Trainer, I will accompany you through different stages starting with setting up a sporty routine. 

If you book me as a PT, you can expect to work on your endurance, your strength, your mobility, your coordination and your balance. You will move better, be stronger and will weigh your optimal weight. My personalized workouts will match your goals and over the time you will feel better in your professional and private life. 


With me as a coach, you get flexible and personalized training sessions with modern equipment and get some help with setting up a more appropriate work-life balance. If you need, I will create a personalized nutrition plan that will be adjusted all along the coaching to make sure it always matches your current needs and goals. 


I am there by your side during all the stages of your fitness journey to become the best version of yourself!


I am a graduated
Personal Fitness Trainer
from IST
University of Applied Science, Germany and certified in Sweden by FRISK.

Personal Trainer, Indoor Running instructor and Group Training instructor since 2021 at SATS Sollentuna (Stockholm,Sweden)



Claire Pasgrimaud

Södra Häggviksvägen 33

19165 Sollentuna

Stockholm Sweden

+46 (0)737 409 187

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