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Coach Claire creates nutrition plans adapted to your needs so that you reach your goal faster.

Mélange de musli

Besides the personal training,

I offer nutrition coaching.

I can also assist you on the way to a behaviour change regarding nutrition. As most of us already know, in order to become the fittest version of yourself, we will have to raise the topic “nutrition” together as you might wish to change some of your habits. 

Healthy nutrition is as important as working out when it comes to seeing results and reaching your sporty goals.

I will help you with setting the best nutrition plan for you and your body. But before that, we will go through these 6 steps together:

Nourriture saine


Problem awareness: we identify your current behaviour regarding food and we define together the new behaviour you would like to set up.


Motivation building for behaviour change: we first write down global and unspecific goals together.


Behaviour change: global insights will be adjusted to more specific behavioral intentions.


Execution and practice of the desired behavior: resolutions are turned into visible acts.


Maintaining the new behavior: your new behaviour will be trained, stabilized and maintained.


Automatisation of the behaviour: we will make sure your new behaviour becomes a habit.

In order for me to help you with changing your food behaviour, we start with making a 7-Day Food Protocol which allows us to have a better overview of your behaviour and define better your goals. After analysing your protocol, we will set up a food plan together that fits your needs all along our cooperation. During the coaching, we plan regular feedback and make changes when necessary.

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